Friday, 28 November 2014

Things to do in the Winter on the Isle of Wight whilst staying at Niton Barns

Winter is fast setting upon us and the temperature is dropping rapidly. Does this mean bad news for tourists and locals alike? Absolutely not! 

We’re so fortunate to be placed here on such a beautiful Island, surrounded by sea, acres upon acres of lovely farmland, walking trails, cycle tracks and coastal paths - all there to soak up the true tranquility of the coastal landscape.

Now, with the above mentioned; there is still a lot more to do on the Island throughout the Winter months rather than walking around and exploring the coastal scenery, there are literally HUNDREDS of attractions to visit (difficult to do in just one week!), as well as fantastic cuisines to eat at and enjoy the true feeling of a home from home on your stay. We thought it would be a great idea to pass on to you some of our past customers’ favourite places to go on the Island during the Winter. So here it goes:

Wight Karting arrived on the Island in April, 2014 and has fast-become the primary place for adrenaline junkies, families with children, and people who are just looking for some excitement, different from watching a movie at the Cinemas in Newport or Ryde. For as little as £8 for children and £15 for adults, having a fun afternoon on the go karting track is a perfect place for bonding and taking home memories that would be difficult to create elsewhere. 

Busy Bees started off many years ago as a simple garden centre. During recent years’ success, Busy Bees has undergone some absolutely enormous expansions and has become the go-to place for shoppers who like to browse and grab a bite to eat in their lovely in-house cafe. They stock some of the most unusual household and garden items which tend to fit quite nicely with most people’s tastes.

Well worth a visit in our eyes.

One of the few island-based zoos where animals are kept (very well we may add). Housing an array of animals from Penguins, Flamingoes and Otters through to Alpacas, Wallabies and Meerkats; the Seaview Wildlife Encounter is PERFECT for families with small children. The visit in total can last from as little as two hours through to the whole day. We’ve never heard anyone leave there with disappointment.

Visit Queen Victories holiday home on the Isle of Wight. Prices for families (two adults, three children) come as low as £26.80. Despite being open on weekends only during the Winter months, Osbourne House is still a must-see on your Winter break at Niton Barns. With tours around the whole house and absolutely beautiful gardens, we couldn't recommend a visit to this stunning location more!

With so many things to do on the Island throughout the Winter, it’s been so difficult to whittle down to just four of the favourites. 

If you’ve been to the Island recently, or even better, stayed at Niton Barns before; maybe you could comment and let us know of any havens that you’ve found and would have added to the list.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Niton Barns – Surfers + Halloween Fun!

For all you surfing enthusiasts and Halloween fanatics out there, if you want a fun-filled packed autumn with some great memories to boot then sit back, get your pen and paper at the ready (to take notes) and read on!

This blog is going to tell you all the hints and tips, contact information and resources you’ll need for a wet and wild holiday or spooky experience on the Isle of Fright* – for October, November and December.


So whether you are a surf expert or currently a novice – it doesn’t matter. The Island is equipped with some of the best surf and water-sport schools around and some of the best beaches to boot. Whether you prefer braving it alone alongside an instructor or prefer to ride the waves with a group of friends, IOW Surf has lessons and activities to get you going on the water. 

With 1:1 lessons at only £35 for 90 minutes and group lessons at only £20 for 90 minutes you can’t go wrong with IOW Surf! As well as these great prices, the iSurf team at IOW Surf are a unique company in that they provide a mobile surf school – meaning they can travel to any beach on the Island for lessons ensuring they can take advantage of the best conditions for learning. For more information on IOW Surf, don’t hesitate to visit: 

Not only is there IOW Surf, UKSA is another great organisation on the Island who provide a range of water-sports from dinghy sailing to paddle boarding and everything in between! For more information on all of the courses UKSA have to offer, visit: 

Isle of Fright Halloween Fun:

With the Isle of Wight notorious for being one of the spookiest locations in the UK, it is often referred to as Ghost Island and it seems as though October is the month with all of the ghoulish goings-on! Combining the excitement of music, lights and decorations – Shanklin will be host to the New Carnival Company’s event “Dark Nights Carnival” [1], which will not only include a scary procession but also digital projections and spooky illuminations. This will be happening on October 25th with some more eerie activities to follow on the 29th of October – with the return of “Park of the Dead” [2]. 

As well as these ghostly experiences to jump into, Carisbrooke Castle will also be hosting their extravaganza; “Spooky Castle” [3] including ghost hunting for those who dare! Along with all of these scary sights to take in - the Isle of Wight Steam Railway will also be running a “Ghost Train” [4] on Halloween night!

So if you’re brave enough, visit the following site for more information: 


Now it is one thing to take part in all of these activities – but where will you snuggle down and rest in peace at night? If you need somewhere to escape to from the ghosts of the Island or somewhere to get dry and warm from a day of water antics then here at Niton Barns is the best place to retreat to. With barns to cater to small groups of 2-4 right the way through to large groups of 8-14 there is a number of barns to fit everyone’s group size. Situated in Niton on the Isle of Wight, our barns are in the hub of nature; providing a peaceful and calm atmosphere to escape to after a long day of fun! 

So for more details, availability and prices give us a call on 01983 731506 or go check out our website (providing they haven’t been booked already, so quick-get clicking): 

*A cheeky name the tourism team of the Isle of Wight created for the October month-when the Island transforms into Ghost Island. For more details visit: 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Living in luxury and tranquility with a hint of excitement!

To live in luxury, in a tranquil setting surrounded by nature; trees, animals and fields as far as the eye can see and all while the sun is shining. No I’m not describing a dream. I’m describing the holiday of a lifetime. This September could be the best time of your life. 

Niton Barns, situated in a little village called Niton on the Isle of Wight, is a little drop of cosy paradise. If you’re looking for a memorable holiday this September then Niton Barns is definitely the place to stay. With comfy accommodation created after a few years of hard work in converting disused milking parlours and storage barns into holiday accommodation, Niton Barns really upholds the character of the buildings dating back to the 16th century but with a personal touch of luxury. Niton Barns has managed to encompass its surroundings of nature and tranquillity, all the while designed to cater for large groups of up to 14 people! 

Now you’re either in the mind set to have you and all of your friends over to Niton Barns for a week or two of partying or you have great plans for you and your family to visit Niton Barns for some quality time together! Either way, this September is the perfect time to do so, whether you are an active bunch who like to go on adventures, a group of people who love music and a crazy atmosphere or just a group who like to wind down at their own pace and enjoy the little things that the Isle of Wight has to offer. Whichever group you fit into best, events and attractions on the Isle of Wight this September can provide you with all of that.

To name a few of the events/attractions that are on offer this September:

Events/Attractions Date Location

Summer Nature Trail: 01/09/2014  Bembridge Windmill.
Guided Fossil Walks: 01-03/09/2014  Various Locations
Bestival: 04-07/09/2014  Robin Hill, Newport
Autumn Harvest Guided Walk 10/09/2014 Mottistone Estate
International Classic Car Show 13-14/09/2014 Newport/Ryde
IOW Cycling Festival 13-28/09/2014 Island Wide
Cowes Food Show 14/09/2014 Fountain Yard, West Cowes
Cycle Ride & Fossil Walk 14/09/2014 Shanklin
The Wight Challenge 20/09/2014 Porchfield
Cycle the Wight 21/09/2014 Ryde, East Cowes, Yarmouth & Blackgang
Star Gazing Weekend 26-28/09/2014 Yarmouth
Sweetcorn Fayre 27-28/09/2014 Arreton Old Village
West Wight Triathlon 28/09/2014 West Wight

Now although the list above means you are spoilt for choice, that isn’t all that September has to offer! 

Although there are many more events, going by just the list above, it’s clear to see that the Island has a lot to offer this September! So whether you’re a group of friends looking to party it up at Bestival (and cure your hangover in luxury at Niton Barns), a family hoping to get active and Cycle the Wight or just a couple who want a romantic getaway for a Star Gazing Weekend together, where better to go than Niton Barns, Isle of Wight this September.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Welcome to the Isle of Life!

Welcome to the Isle of Life!

So here we are! A hot July is now over and an even hotter-looking August is upon us! We’re so lucky to be having such a fantastic summer - this weather has been beautiful for the best part of 6 weeks now. and it looks as though there’s another 6 weeks of glory ahead of us too!

We’ve decided to be a little ‘different’ in this blog as apposed to what we’ve done previously… We’re writing more from the heart rather than our minds… We want to let you all know what it’s like to be an actual islander here in the summer as there are so many things to do, so many places to go, so many things to see. We’ve decided to list a number of our favourite events that are coming up!

So without further ado, welcome to the Isle of Life:

The Chale Show - 02-03 Aug 2014, Chale Recreation Ground

Chale Show

Being an islander, this is a yearly event that a lot of people make an effort to come to. See it as our own little Royal Garden show, but on a smaller scale. There’s plenty to do for all generations attending, with things such as:
  • Island vintage tractors, steam & military vehicles
  • Farmers market     
  • David Randini Magician
  • Children's free creative activity and circus skills area.
  • Annual community kids running races
  • Fun for all ages with professional Street entertainers, jugglers and circus performances
  • Childrens fairground rides

Be sure to check it out if you’re nearby. Bring the family along with you. There’s more than enough to be able to spend a day here then make your way down the road to a lovely pub to enjoy an evening meal in the sun.

For more info, check their website here. (

Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week - 02-09 Aug 2014, Cowes/Solent

Fireworks at Cowes Week
Picture curtesy of

Now, alongside the two festivals, Cowes Week has got to be one of the events that really puts the Isle of Wight on the map for things to do. Cowes Week entices around 20,000 people trust the week long event. On the follow Friday there is always fireworks from on the Solent. It is an amazing site to see, so we would recommend that you go down there with the whole family because the atmosphere is incredible!

During the week you will see thousands of boats, meet thousands of people, and enjoy some of the finest islands beer.

But, don't just take our word for it check out the website itself: (

Ventnor Fringe Festival - 12-17 Aug 2014, Ventnor

Ventnor Fringe

Well then… Everyone loves the festival don't they? Similar the very famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Ventnor Fringe Festival is the Isle of Wight’s own fancy version. Celebrating all things party and cultural the fringe festival is a fantastic place for people to bring their family along for a day out. 

Simply talking about this will not do it justice, you really should check it out for yourself: (

V-Dub Island - Thur 14 to Tue 19 Aug 2014


Own a VW campervan? Not heard of V-Dub? Shame on you! The V-Dub Island weekend is aimed at the VW camper van enthusiasts, Attracting people from all over the world. The plus side to this, is even if you're not a fan per se, you get to explore and see some of the most impressive and well kitted out vans there are. Becoming quite a fashion accessory… the VW Campervan is becoming quite an island icon as of late. This event is fantastic the people of all ages and interests. It's bound to be a fun week! 

Take a look at their website here: (

Isle of Wight Garlic Festival - 16-17 Aug 2014, Near Newchurch, Sandown

Garlic Festival

Unfortunately, only a two day event! The isle of wight garlic festival is one of the most entertaining, fun, family friendly events on the calendar. There is always live music, lots of fun and games, market stalls from Local farmers giving you free tasters of their food, competitions, And some of the best types of beer and annual you will ever taste.

Costing just £9.50 for adults and £5 for children, this event really is a no-brainer: (

Isle of Wight Scooter Rally - 22-25 Aug 2014, Ryde

Scooters on ferry

Truly Isle of Wight: the Isle of Wight scooter rally takes place towards the end of August. Again, much like the camper vans, you don't need to be a true fan of scootering around to appreciate and absorb the atmosphere. There are very few places where you can go on the island during this weekend and not see a scooter driving by. Just looking at some of the detail which goes into these guys with their bikes and how they modify them is just phenomenal. It's a really great weekend.

For more details please check out their website here: (

We hope you've enjoyed our different styled blog, And that you'll come back next month to see Septembers fantastic events. 

Much love, the Niton Barns team!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Isle of Chocolate

As a fashionable holiday destination, the Isle of Wight population almost doubles during the summer months and the influx of visitors start at Springtime.  The blanket of winter lifts and the island opens its eyes with a big welcoming smile.  Already well known for such attractions as Carisbrooke Castle, Osborne House and Brading Roman Villa, the island has, in recent years, added crowd-pulling attractions such as the Isle of Wight Festival, The Bestival and The Old Gaffers Festival to its year-round programme of events and attractions.  So,  what is there to do at Easter to keep everyone amused?  Why Easter Egg Hunts of course!  What is there not to like?  Chocolate, face painting, silly clues, chocolate, fun games, prizes, chocolate, Easter bunnies, blind tastings and did I mention chocolate?  And where will you find some of these events?  Read on...

Easter Egg Hunts
  •  Chale Bay Farm holds its annual Charity Easter Egg Hunt between 30th March and 1st April with fun clues for children to follow.  Entry is £5 per head and each child wins a prize. (Proceeds to Earl Mountbatten Hospice)
  • Blackgang Chine holds its Easter Eggstraveganza on 3rd, 4th  9th and 10th April.  In the Chocolate Headquarters, you will find: a chocolate fountain, blind tastings, fun activities and competitions.
  • Mottistone Manor Gardens hold an Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday (31st March) with clues and puzzles to solve together with face painting.  Sponsored by Cadbury.
  • Osborne House get egg-cited with a fun family Easter Trail this year, there is an egg-stremely silly challenge for children who will have to locate Easter bunnies in and around the grounds resulting in a chocolate Easter egg treat.
  • Robin Hill is holding an Easter Dash on 31st March and 1st April followed by the opening of the Easter Electric Woods.
  • Isle of Wight Steam Railway – Havenstreet have organised an Easter Bonnet Parade, a Treasure Hunt and a ride on a steam train.  Kids go free!
  • The Needles Park have invited Professor Huxley Humbug to create some fantastical sweet treats this Easter.  Combine this with a hunt around the park for hidden clues and solve some puzzles to be in with a chance of winning some Easter treats.  30th March – 1st April and 6th and 7th April.

If you don’t fancy hunting for your chocolate, why not try the following?
  • Chocolate Heaven in Godshill who create their own hand-made chocolate, a firm favourite with visitors is the chocolate fondue.
  • Chocolate Apothecary in Ryde is a chocolatier and patisserie par excellence!
  • Chocolate Mad Cowes in Cowes hand dip in Valrhona chocolate and top sellers include: delectable truffles, salt caramels and Chocolate Mad Fudge.
  • Bufferflies Cafe in Yarmouth offer delicious hand-made chocolates and gifts.

Have a Happy Chocolate Isle of Wight Easter!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A guide to Niton

We’re proud of our accommodation at Niton Barns, but we owe a great deal to the charm of the surrounding area. Niton is the southernmost village on the Isle of Wight, split into two halves by a break in the inner cliff . The Island as a whole is packed with gorgeous scenery- around half of which was designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1963. Upper Niton is the northern part of the village, which is where we are. In a hollow and centred around a crossroads, Upper Niton is home to the village shops and pharmacy. South of the cliff is the aptly named Niton Undercliff, formerly a fishing hamlet. Scattered around are various Victorian buildings left over from its popularity at the time as a health resort.

Right next door to us is the stunning Church of St John the Baptist. Parts of the church date back to the 11th century, with additions being made through to the 17th century, overlapping with the initial constructions of our oldest barns. The church yard boasts a memorial to a co-founder of the British public library system, Edward Edwards.

If you’re looking to whet your whistle, we have two pubs in the village. The Buddle Inn (located down in the Undercliff) which has a rich past, dating back to the 16th century. It was voted in the Top 10 UK Pubs with Gardens in 2011, and offers local and seasonal dining. Nearby is Castle Cove, steeped in tales of smugglers and ghosts. In the heart of Upper Niton, we have The White Lion. Executive chef Adam is renowned for his sizeable steaks and Sunday roasts. It’s well worth having a pint and a local meal during your stay.

In more recent history, many of long range radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi’s early experiments were carried out in Niton at the turn of the 20th century. There is a memorial stone marking his achievements whilst in the area at Knowles Farm.

There’s a local convenience store if you’re looking to stock up on amenities. Norris Family Grocers has been in the area since 1887, trading for an astounding five family generations. They offer a range of local produce, including eggs from Godshill, Minghella ice cream and local ales.

Also locally, we have St Catherine’s Lighthouse. At the Island’s most southerly point, this beautiful building overlooks the English Channel. There has been a light at that point since 1323, the current tower being built in 1838 following a shipwreck. World War II saw three lighthouse keepers killed in a bombing raid. Becoming automated in 1997, the lighthouse remains a stunning piece of local history. The surrounding area is popular with walkers and birdwatchers, and it’s definitely worth spending an afternoon rambling here.

Of course, there’s a vast amount to see and do all over the Island. But it’s important to remember that there’s a wealth of history and intrigue in walking distance of your holiday home.

Monday, 17 February 2014

start 2014 in the right way with free ferry travel

Looking for a cosy holiday in the countryside to start 2014 in the right way? A rural getaway on the Isle of Wight is the perfect antidote to those early-year blues. If that sounds enticing, we’re providing free ferry travel for our visitors as an extra incentive to get you to come and relax with us.  Starting today, we’ll pay for a return ticket for up to six people who book and stay with us throughout March.

Our barns date back as early as the 16th century, and have been fully restored and renovated to ally modern comforts with antique charm. With flatscreen TVs and Wi-Fi provided across all barns, we can be your home away from home. We welcome everyone from couples to large groups- our range of accommodation suits all, with our largest barn big enough for fourteen people to stay together. And dogs are welcome too!

Contact us today to book your visit, and we’ll make the ferry costs disappear- leaving you with more money to enjoy the South Wight this winter!